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One of the largest cities in California and the unofficial capital of the Golden State’s Inland Empire region, Riverside has always been a center of economic activity. In recent years, Riverside has grown, and the city’s need for forklift operators has likewise increased.

With over 300,000 people, Riverside requires a strong support system to keep the local economy humming. If your company needs assistance with Riverside forklift certification, look no further than FLC for your forklift certification in Riverside. All Riverside companies are required under OSHA regulations (and California & federal law) to provide forklift operators, pallet jack drivers and others who use powered industrial trucks with OSHA compliant Riverside forklift certification & training. Don’t take chances with your Riverside forklift certification – get OSHA compliant today!


To ensure your Riverside forklift certification program is up to speed with OSHA regulations and guidelines, sign up ASAP with FLC! Here are some of our courses that provide forklift certification in Riverside:

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  • Training Kit – popular Riverside forklift certification course for your entire company. And it’s priced right at just $299!
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Register your company and get started with Riverside forklift certification ASAP. With OSHA fines ranging into the tens of thousand and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s time to make a commitment to safety the right way – sign up with FLC today!


You want a safe workplace. And so does OSHA and all local, state and federal laws. As an employer, you need to provide forklift certification in Riverside. FLC helps prevent injuries and accidents with our training material. If you don’t have forklift certification in Riverside, accidents are more likely to happen.

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If you have any questions about forklift certification in Riverside, contact us online or call FLC’s Riverside forklift certification team directly at (888) 278-8896.

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