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How To Become A Forklift Trainer In As Little As An Hour

(Updated July 2020)

As an OSHA-certified forklift operator, you can pursue many career opportunities. You can even learn how to become a forklift trainer who teaches new workers how to use a forklift and helps them become OSHA-certified.

What Is Forklift Trainer Certification?

If your business uses forklifts, you need forklift training and certification. It’s required by OSHA and helps you create a safe worksite. Additionally, forklift training and certification helps reduce the risk of forklift accidents, injuries, and fatalities. It also helps you avoid costly fines and medical costs resulting from accidents caused by untrained workers.

There is a lot to like about forklift training and certification. But, time and money are required to train and certify forklift workers, which is why forklift trainer certification is a great idea.

Most companies use one of two methods to train and certify their forklift workers: they send their workers to offsite training, or they use online forklift training from companies. The latter approach is faster and more cost-effective than the former, and it also allows workers to take the training when it is most convenient for them.

There’s another way to conduct forklift training that has long-term benefits, too — becoming a forklift trainer. In fact, if you’re an employer, you can teach one or more workers to become OSHA-certified forklift trainers.

How Does Forklift Trainer Certification Work?

If you own a fleet of forklifts or operate a business that uses forklifts, it can be beneficial to let workers become OSHA-certified forklift trainers. Onsite forklift safety training can save time and money. It also ensures that you won’t have to send new workers to an offsite training facility and lose a day or more of productivity.

As an employer, you may think you don’t have the time to train forklift trainers. But, it’s easier than you think and offers many benefits.

When you have an OSHA certified forklift trainer on staff, you can:

  • Train new employees as soon as they are hired.
  • Retrain forklift workers when their three-year certification expires.
  • Avoid the costs of offsite training.
  • Help workers accelerate their career growth.
  • Save time and money on forklift training.

Forklift training covers many areas, including how to:

  • Drive a forklift
  • Safely lift, lower, and transport heavy loads
  • Avoid jobsite hazards
  • Maneuver a forklift in tight spaces

Forklift training also covers how to conduct safety checks before starting work. This includes checking fluid levels, belts, hoses, and other parts of a forklift to ensure that the lift is safe to operate.

Do You Need an OSHA-Certified Forklift Trainer on Staff?

Unlike forklift workers, forklift trainers do not need to be certified by OSHA. Instead, OSHA leaves it up to the employer to determine whether a forklift trainer is qualified to teach others. Even so, if you plan to have a forklift trainer on staff, putting them through a training and certification program is a smart move.

Operating a forklift can be difficult and risky. A forklift is bulky and heavy, and it can easily tip over. Meanwhile, it only takes one mistake to cause a forklift accident that can lead to a serious injury or death. In order to teach forklift skills to others, trainers must have thorough knowledge of OSHA safety guidelines.

How to Earn a Forklift Trainer Certificate

Here are the steps required to earn a forklift trainer certificate.

1. Choose a Forklift Instructor Training Course

Select a forklift instructor training course based on experience and skill level. Remember, the key to becoming a certified forklift trainer is that “extra-level” knowledge and instruction you can only get from a trusted training source like (FLC). As such, choose your forklift instructor training course wisely, so you can ensure your workers can learn the skills they need to become expert forklift safety trainers.

2. Register for the Program

The sign-up process for a forklift trainer certification program is fast and seamless. Once enrolled, a worker can begin the program and complete it without delay.

FLC’s online forklift certification trainer program takes only about an hour from start to finish. To begin the training, create an account, and a worker is good to go. At this point, the worker can complete our forklift instructor training course from any location where he or she is connected to the internet. There’s no time limit for the training, so workers can take it at their convenience.

3. Get Certified

After a worker completes our online forklift trainer certification course, he or she will receive proof of certification. We ensure that workers can download and print a card to prove that they have successfully completed our forklift trainer certification course.

How Long Does Forklift Trainer Certification Last?

OSHA guidelines require all forklift workers to get certified every three years. This involves taking refresher training to keep workers up to date on any changes in OSHA guidelines for forklift safety. Workers may need to get retrained sooner than three years under certain conditions.

Conditions that may require a forklift worker to get retrained before their forklift safety certification lapses include:

  • The worker operates a forklift in an unsafe manner.
  • The worker was involved in a forklift accident or nearly caused a forklift accident.
  • The worker receives an evaluation that outlines unsafe forklift usage.
  • The worker is assigned to operate a different type of forklift.

OSHA doesn’t certify forklift trainers, so they are not required to get retrained every three years. However, it’s still a good idea to retrain forklift trainers periodically. This is due to the fact that OSHA may issue new safety regulations or forklift features and capabilities change frequently.

Why Should You Choose FLC for Forklift Trainer Certification?

When it comes to forklift trainer certification, there is no need to leave anything to chance. By partnering with FLC, you can provide your workers with the training they need to become successful forklift safety trainers.

FLC is a trusted online resource for forklift trainer certification. For nearly two decades, we have helped businesses teach workers how to safely operate forklifts. We also provide in-depth training that enables forklift operators to teach their coworkers the ins and outs of forklift safety. As a result, we empower businesses with the tools they need to teach forklift operators how to correctly use forklifts.

Forklift trainer certification can help your business educate its workers about forklift safety without breaking your budget. To learn more about our forklift trainer certification program or to enroll your workers in it, please contact us online or call us today at (888) 278-8896.

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