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OSHA-approved forklift training and certification is required by law. And it’s the responsibility of employers just like you., the leader in in house forklift license training & certification, is here to handle all of your OSHA compliance requirements. Our affordable, on-point in house forklift certification classes offer exceptional value and great customer support to ensure you’re taken care of.

The best time to get your workers their in house forklift licenses was yesterday. Non-compliance could literally cripple your company with huge fines & penalties from OSHA. If you’re interested in establishing your own in house forklift certification and training program, FLC is here for you. Sign up with today and get your OSHA compliance on track!


Simply put, in house forklift license training means the forklift training takes place at your place of business rather than an outside location. If you’re an employee, it’s in your work environment, which makes it really convenient. The great thing about in house forklift certification training is that it doesn’t require any travel or time away from work to complete, and everything you need is right at your fingertips. The training can be completed on the schedule that works best for both operators and you and your business. With our Train a Trainer program, you’ll have your own in house safety expert on hand to conduct the training anytime you need it!

Our in house forklift certification offers the following benefits:

Cost savings – imagine the money you’ll save in the long run with our in house forklift training!

Timely training – you need compliance now – and we’ll deliver the exact certification you need.

Great customer support – FLC has the best customer support in the industry.

And much more!

WHY OUR IN HOUSE FORKLIFT CERTIFICATION IS GREAT FOR EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES makes it easy for both employees and employers to take and complete in house forklift certification training. Our online learning format is without a doubt the very best way for forklift operators to easily and efficiently become OSHA compliant. Best of all, the training can be completed at your convenience and on your own time!

Here’s an in-depth look at our three training packages:

1. In House Forklift Training

Our most popular choice for making all of your operators OSHA compliant for one affordable low price of $299. A great in house forklift certification program for the entire company!

2. In House Train a Trainer

Looking to get in house forklift certificates for your workers? This smart in house forklift certification option is the way to go. Forklift Instruction. Become your company’s in house forklift license instructor with this comprehensive in house forklift instructor training course, which will give you all the knowledge, tools and resources you’ll need to set up your own in house forklift training program. Once you’ve completed FLC’s Train a Trainer program, you’ll be qualified to conduct in house forklift license training and certify all of your company’s current and future forklift operators. At just $149, it’s a great investment for your company!

3. In House Forklift Training Bundle Package

Can’t decide between our in house forklift certificate and compliance programs? No problems! Get the best of both worlds with this combination training course. It includes both the Train a Trainer in house forklift instructor training program and the Forklift Training Kit at a discounted price that’s less than purchasing the two programs separately. The Bundle Package costs just $399!

The biggest benefit of our in house forklift license training is that it’s convenient. Imagine having your own in house forklift instructor training program to train each of your new forklift operators in a single afternoon right at your place of business, all in a way that‘s completely legal and fully OSHA compliant!

FLC’s programs have been designed to save your business money, time, and resources. Start enjoying all the advantages of expert OSHA compliant instruction right from the comfort of your own home or office. Start by signing up for our in house forklift training courses today!


The purpose of the Train the Trainer program from is to teach experienced operators how to lead the training of new workers and qualify them to receive the forklift operator certifications required by OSHA. You only need to purchase the program from us one time, since it can be used to train all of your employees to qualify them to train your company’s other forklift operators.

Although doesn’t offer live, in house forklift training that’s conducted by our own team of instructors, all of our online training packages provide the level of knowledge and experience that’s needed to give businesses an affordable, convenient and OSHA-compliant way to certify your forklift operators in house. Accidents are ultimately the responsibility of the employer. Once your employees pass FLC’s Train a Trainer course, they’re qualified to train your other employees. gives you the options of either digital, learn-as-you-go online forklift training or a personal learning experience from an employee who’s completed our Train a Trainer program. It’s all up to you!


FLC provides everything you need to conduct in house forklift training programs. Get your employees up to speed on how to operate a forklift and much more with our certification platform. Imagine having the control over your own in house forklift certification training program! Thanks to FLC, in house forklift certification has never been easier or more affordable.

Read more about the training kits we offer, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. To speak with one of our in house forklift training consultants, please call FLC at (888) 278-8896. We’re here to help with all your in house forklift certification requirements.

Thanks for visiting us and considering using for your in house forklift training needs. We look forward to hearing from you today!