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Jacksonville Forklift Certification

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Jacksonville is a northeastern Florida city with plenty of attractions. Both residents and tourists enjoy the famed swimming and surfing of the area, and a relaxing break from the water play to wander through the various museums, restaurants, and other cultural offerings. As a regional business center, Jacksonville is also home to a large working community with plenty of options if you’re looking to start a new career.

Starting a new career in an exciting city like Jacksonville doesn’t have to require going back to school to get a degree, or spend thousands of dollars. You can be in a new career that you love in no time and with little expense by looking into completing a forklift certification in Jacksonville.

Why A Jacksonville Forklift Certification?

Every city needs equipment operators to keep up with the bustling modern world, and to remain safe and efficient for all. Companies hire forklift operators to handle the heavy lifting and turn once impossible tasks into possibilities. Forklifts can be found in warehouses, retail centers, manufacturing facilities, and construction sites all over Jacksonville and nationwide. Becoming a forklift operator is a sure-fire way to enter into a recession-proof career. You will more than likely be able to find a job with a great company fast if you become a forklift worker in Jacksonville. But, not without proper Jacksonville forklift training.


With OSHA-compliant forklift training in Jacksonville, FL, your company and fellow co-workers enjoy a host of built-in benefits:

Safer Workplace

Once you’re gone through FLC’s training session, you’ll have a better understanding of key OSHA safety concepts, including proper speeds, optimal load and cargo carrying methods, how to avoid blind spots and much more.

Reduced Liability

If you’re hiring for forklift operator jobs in Jacksonville, FL, there’s a huge advantage of hiring workers with OSHA training from FLC. The changes of accidents and fatalities are decreased with properly trained lift operators.

OSHA Compliance

If OSHA ever stops in for an audit or surprise visit, are you ready? If your company is in the market for forklift jobs in Jacksonville, FL, FLC’s three different training courses – Train the Trainer, Forklift Training Kit, and Bundle Package – ensure every employee is OSHA compliant.

Comprehensive Forklift Training in Jacksonville

As in-demand as forklift operators are, just anyone can’t do the job. Only trained and certified workers are hired into job positions to maintain the standards that are necessary in this line of work. Forklifts are heavy pieces of equipment that can be dangerous, and that which cause injuries and fatalities every year. The majority of these life-threatening accidents are caused by operator error. If you want to be hired for a forklift position and to protect your life, you need to complete a Jacksonville forklift training program.

Forklift Jobs in Jacksonville

There are countless jobs available for forklift operators in Jacksonville who have a Jacksonville forklift certification. A few examples of companies hiring are SYSCO, Nelson Products & Services Inc., Seaonus, AJC Logistics, and Interstate Distributor Co. Each of these jobs require your skills as a trained forklift operator, and offer various job titles including forklift operator, service technician warehouse worker, nighttime forklift operator, shipping and receiving clerk, dock worker, warehouse technician, loader, reach operator, and more.


FLC gives you the tools and resources to establish common-sense safety practices, more confidence and an efficient, effective forklift fleet – all at a great price! The FLC OSHA training plan works for your Jacksonville, FL facility, or other worksites throughout Florida and the United States.

With FLC, your forklift certification is ready to go in Jacksonville, FL and elsewhere, thanks to the ultimate in convenience, flexibility and affordability:

  • Classes are taken at your employees’ convenience
  • Paperwork and OSHA credentials can be printed right away for safety records, HR files & more
  • No more worries about traffic, missed work time or costly 3rd party training “solutions”

Get Your Forklift Certification in Jacksonville from

If you need to complete your forklift training in Jacksonville and receive your certificate, look no further than The training program is all online, only takes about one hour to complete, can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, is 100% OSHA-compliant, and only costs $299 for the training kit.

Create an account and qualify for a new career today with forklift certification in Jacksonville! Check out our OSHA training courses for all forklift jobs in Jacksonville, FL! To speak with our forklift training experts in Jacksonville, FL, please call FLC at (888) 278-8896.

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