Most Common Forklift Accidents

Avoiding forklift accidents is a common goal for safety supervisors, foremen and powered industrial truck drivers everywhere. The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide forklift certification for drivers & operators.

Lack of training is a major reason for accidents – ensure you’re on the right track with our courses, designed to reduce all causes of forklift accidents.

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All of our courses help your employees determine what are the main causes of injuries when using forklifts, avoiding forklift accidents and are a great way to make your workplace safer & more productive today.


The main causes of injuries when using forklifts are:


Tip-overs occur for a variety of reasons, but exceeding max load capacity on a forklift and sudden turns are two of the primary causes. Drivers should stay seated and lean away from the point of contact – and seatbelts always help! Not wearing a seatbelt is one of the main causes of injuries when using forklifts.

Pedestrian Accidents

Many warehouses have designated areas for foot traffic. If drivers are distracted, forklift accidents involving pedestrians will happen. Solution: Eliminate these kinds of forklift injuries with clearly marked walking areas, barriers, & backup lights, and make sure your drivers are alert and not fatigued. According to OSHA’s own statistics, working more than 8 hour shifts constantly can lead to this forklift accident.

Inadequate Operator Training

This one pretty much explains itself. Most forklift accident and forklift injuries are directly tied to lack of proper training. Untrained operators can’t correctly identify what are the main causes of injuries when using forklifts, obvious hazards and other dangers related to forklift use. Solution: sign up with FLC today and ensure your drivers are OSHA compliant. Training and certification to avoid forklift accidents is easier than you think.

Forklift Falls from Height

Docks, trailers, platforms and other areas are particularly dangerous for forklifts. Many deaths happen when forklifts fall off elevated surfaces. Slick floors, brake malfunctions and distractions are responsible for these forklift injuries. Solution: ensure parked forklifts have wheels properly chocked when unloading. This is a safety guideline from OSHA and helps prevent forklift falls. Speed reduction and proper floor cleaning are also advised.

The Bottom Line

These are just some of the most common forklift accidents. As you can see, forklifts can be dangerous without proper training and certification. FLC is here to get your entire forklift fleet certified today. Choose any of our courses and get started today – you can’t afford the cost of non-compliance!

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