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Does your company need assistance with training and forklift certification in Oregon? Consider our OSHA approved Oregon forklift certification training and ensure compliance today! (FLC) leads the way with 100% OSHA compliant forklift training in Portland, Oregon and all across the Beaver State!

Oregon forklift certificationIt is important to ensure that all of your operators have their Oregon forklift certification to create a working environment that’s a safe place for your workers. When you sign up with FLC for forklift certification in Oregon, you’ll enjoy:

  • Great prices
  • Total OSHA compliance
  • Complete resources and tools for employee evaluations
  • Free renewal training
  • And much more

Oregon is known for its stunning natural beauty, including majestic mountains, and sandy beaches. Oregon is also home to innovative and growing cities like Portland, Salem, Eugene and Bend. With a population of over 4 million and growing, Oregon made the transition from an economy centered around natural resources to one that’s a mix of manufacturing and marketing with a high-tech emphasis. Many major companies call Oregon home, along with medium and small businesses as well.


Training Kit

Does your company need affordable, on-point, OSHA compliant forklift training in Portland, Oregon? Try our Training Kit. It’s 100% OSHA compliant and covers warehouse forklifts, pallet jacks, order pickers, and rough terrain forklifts. A one-time payment of just $299 can be used to train and certify all your forklift operators, and can be done in just one day!

Train a Trainer

For value-added forklift training in Portland and throughout Oregon, look no further than our Train a Trainer package. Many employers need a certified training expert on hand to handle safety, training and Oregon forklift certification issues. Our Train the Trainer course is a great way to have your own in-house safety expert and training coordinator. How does an in-house trainer sound for just $149?

Bundle Package

If you can’t decide between these two great programs for forklift training in Portland, Oregon, choose the FLC Bundle Package. The package comes with both our Training Kit and Train the Trainer courses at a discounted price of just $349.

Forklift Certification in Oregon Online

What’s more, you can enhance your forklift certification in Oregon with our online certification with, one of our related training and safety companies. Check it out here!

Our 100% OSHA compliant training programs give your company all the tools and resources to ensure a safe, compliant, productive work environment. Many safety supervisors think forklift training in Portland, Oregon is expensive and hard to get. FLC shows you how easy it really is to get forklift training in Portland, Eugene, Gresham, Beaverton and other cities.


With forklift-related injuries and fatalities happening every day on worksites across the U.S., it’s absolutely essential for your company to have forklift training in Portland and other Oregon towns and cities. Since the majority of accidents involving forklifts are a result of operator error, it’s crucial to ensure that your forklift operators are equipped with all the knowledge and tools they need to operate the equipment safely. The best way to accomplish this is to have your forklift drivers complete FLC’s Oregon forklift certification training, which will equip them with everything they need to know about operating forklifts.

As an employer, you need workers that are fully qualified to operate forklifts and prevent workplace accidents, as well as workers who are more efficient and productive to help your business expand and grow. We’ll help with all of your OSHA-approved forklift operator certification needs, so what are you waiting for –  sign up for our forklift certification in Oregon today!


OSHA requirements state that employers must ensure their forklift operators are able to operate forklifts safely after they successfully complete their training and pass a “hands on” demonstrate that they’re competent to operate the equipment safely. In addition, employers must also provide formal forklift operating instruction, practical training and a skills evaluation led by a qualified trainer. The qualified trainer can be in house if the employee has successfully completed FLC’s Train a Trainer course. Employee training needs to also cover both truck-related and workplace-related topics.

CHOOSE FLC FOR FORKLIFT CERTIFICATION IN OREGON! is the fastest, most convenient and most affordable comprehensive forklift operator training program you’ll find anywhere. Your employees can complete their forklift certification in Oregon in less than one hour. Once they’re done with the written portion of the training, you’ll just need to have them undergo an in-person evaluation to confirm that they’re capable of competently and safely operating forklift equipment. That’s it! All that’s left to do is download and print their forklift certification and operator card!

Whether your company needs forklift training in Portland or elsewhere in Oregon, there’s simply no better training & certification solution than FLC. With affordable prices, online convenience, OSHA compliant instruction and lifetime support, we’re the preferred provider for forklift certification in Oregon.

If you have any questions about online forklift certification in Oregon, give us a call at (888) 278-8896. Thank you for considering FLC for your Oregon forklift certification. We appreciate your business.