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Phoenix Forklift Certification

With Phoenix’s skyrocketing growth rates in the past few decades, the city’s job market has remained hyper-competitive. In the increasingly specialized forklift industry, employers are still required to provide Phoenix forklift certification for their employees., the online leader in training with OSHA content, provides the best training at affordable prices.

FLC’s popular training packages (Train a Trainer, Training Kit and our value-added Bundle Package) allow you and your employer to complete training courses at your own leisure. No strict schedules. No expensive sessions. Just up-front, honest training material for forklift certification in Phoenix, created by the industry’s foremost OSHA experts.

If you need to become compliant in Arizona or the greater Phoenix area, sign up for our forklift training in Phoenix, AZ today! We’ve made it easier and more budget-friendly than ever to complete your company’s Phoenix forklift certification and training.


While the top documented causes of injuries and fatalities are tip-overs, collisions, and fatal crushing, the actual cause of many of these accidents is operator error. Forklift certification in Phoenix teaches workers how to avoid hazards that cause accidents and incur costly expenses for employers, making it your ticket to your forklift career.

Additionally, OSHA cracks down on workplaces that hire untrained and uncertified employees. What this means is that OSHA can fine employers thousands of dollars (including fines exceeding $100,000 in some instances), in the event of an accident or injury. From extensive legal action to avoiding heavy fines and penalties, it simply makes sense to get your forklift certification in Phoenix today.

With FLC’s Phoenix forklift certification, your company will save money in the long run, and also benefit in the short term with a much safer day-to-day working environment. Invest wisely – sign up with FLC today for forklift certification in Phoenix.


Protecting your safety is the most important reason to complete a Phoenix forklift certification, but there are actually many reasons why it can benefit your career and financial standing.

Improve work performance and boost your productivity! Operators with a Phoenix forklift certification are more efficient and make fewer mistakes than workers without training

Protect your life and prevent accidents. When you get your forklift certification in Phoenix, everyone is compliant with safety guidelines and will be able to help reduce injuries and penalties from government agencies.

Set yourself above other job applicants. Forklift certification for Phoenix sets you apart from other job applicants and qualifies you for the best positions. There are many forklift jobs available in Phoenix, but only the best jobs – like those which include paid vacation – are secured by a certain type of forklift job applicant. And that applicant has all the most recent training!

Enjoy a safe workplace. When your company completes Phoenix forklift certification, you accomplish something that is very valuable and important for your health and safety. Here’s the bottom line with Phoenix forklift certification: it prevents accidents, and also makes for a more confident, competent, and motivated workforce!


Before you choose just any program that says “forklift certification for Phoenix,” you need to make sure it’s completely OSHA-compliant.

According to OSHA, the requirements for forklift training don’t simply stop at making sure every operator has their license. The only forklift training program that will be compliant with their standards is one that is made up of the following components:

Training program structure includes formal written instructions, practical training with demonstrations led by the instructor and exercises performed by the trainee, and an evaluation demonstrating the student’s skills and knowledge.

Training content must cover both truck-related and workplace-related topics.

Our Phoenix forklift certification and training ensure workers are totally prepared to operate forklifts and prevent accidents. It’s also the only type of training that will keep businesses from getting fined by OSHA.

Luckily for you, is 100% OSHA-compliant, covering all of these important topics and training elements. You can save time and money by choosing our convenient online course, and remain completely compliant with industry standards with forklift certification for Phoenix.


Get yourself or your entire workplace trained and certified with the Phoenix forklift certification program from FLC. In only about one hour from any device with an internet connection, workers can complete their training and print their operator certification card. Costing only $299, our complete Training Kit is one of the most affordable and cost-effective Phoenix forklift certification programs available. When you choose us for initial forklift training, you’ll receive three-year renewals free for life!

Choose our training kittrain a trainer kit, or bundle package to get started on today!

Our Training Kit covers the three main types of forklifts, including:

Warehouse Forklifts, Classes 1, 4, 5

Rough Terrain, Class 7

Order Pickers & Pallet Jacks, Classes 2, 3

And forklifts used in construction and loading docks

In only about one hour from a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, your employees will have their forklift certification for Phoenix printed and be ready to operate forklifts.

Skip any travel to an offsite facility or covering time-off costs for employees, and save money by choosing our online automated course over classroom training. We are completely OSHA-compliant and will teach everything necessary to operate forklifts safely and properly.

Create an account today and receive your Phoenix forklift certification in less than one afternoon!

FLC has been the most trusted training partner for companies all over Arizona (and the U.S.) since 2002. See why many firms rely on us for forklift certification in Phoenix. Our OSHA training experts are available at (888) 278-8896, and you can also visit the FLC contact page for additional information. The entire FLC team looks forward to working with you to become OSHA compliant – thanks for visiting the premier online OSHA training provider in Phoenix, AZ!

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