Recent Portland Forklift Accident Causes Lower Leg Injuries

A recent accident at a business in Portland, Oregon caused a worker to suffer lower leg injuries, according to a news report from

The mishap occurred on Monday, December 2nd at Journal Graphics, a commercial printing company located in Northwest Portland at 2840 NW 35th Street. It happened late Monday morning when a forklift ran over his legs.

The man was freed from underneath the forklift before an emergency response team arrived on the scene. He was immediately rushed to a hospital for treatment of lower leg injuries. As of the release of the news report, the worker’s condition is not known at this time.

The accident at Journal Graphics illustrates the importance of safe work practices, especially as the holiday season approaches. November and December usually see an increase in warehouse accidents, when worker concentration and general attentiveness is decreased.

Accidents can happen inside and outside, and weather usually plays a factor in winter outdoor accidents. Not enough information was available from the Journal Graphic location to determine if the forklift accident occurred inside or outside the facility. It hasn’t been determined whether or not the worker had current forklift credentials. By acquiring the latest forklift certification, you can ensure your workers are equipped to handle both ideal and adverse working conditions.

Typical outdoor forklift accidents are caused by slick loading surfaces (including concrete and metal truck ramps), poor lighting, condensation and other weather-related factors. Even experienced forklift operators should exercise extra caution for outdoor forklift procedures.

The investigation into the incident in Northwest Portland continues. It’s unclear at this time how the man was run over by the forklift, or whether the man was actually operating the forklift. Accidents like this can occur when a worker leaves the forklift cockpit and also by not paying attention in the vicinity of aisle ends, bends and other warehouse areas.

Using common sense, especially during the holidays, will help avoid incidents like the Journal Graphics forklift accident.

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