9 Surprising Forklift Statistics

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Forklifts are found all across the world; wherever there’s a need for moving heavy loads, organizing goods or transporting merchandise, you’ll find a forklift nearby. Because they’re such an integral part of everyday commerce, it’s useful to review a few forklift figures. Unless you’re an industry expert or “forklift geek,” it’s a pretty good bet you didn’t know the following 9 forklift facts and statistics.


Check out these intriguing facts about forklifts:

1. Sales are staggering

In 2013, the top 20 forklift manufacturers posted sales of $30.4 billion USD. And in 2019, nearly a half million (1,493,271) forklifts were sold worldwide.

2. Accidents are aplenty

Unfortunately, forklift accidents still occur too often. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates roughly 85 fatal accidents yearly, along with close to 35,000 injuries. Of all the forklift safety facts, this one illustrates the importance of forklift certification and training. ForkliftCertification.com offers affordable, OSHA compliant certification programs for your entire forklift fleet! Sign up today.

3. The forklift family tree extends far and wide

There are over 20 different types of forklift designs, from the standard design to sideloaders, Flexi Trucks, telescopic handlers and many others.

4. Over a million forklifts are “born” annually

The 20 forklift manufacturers alone produced over 944,000 forklifts in 2013. Just six years later, the figure was nearly 1.5 million – one of the most staggering forklift facts that shows how much the machines are in demand!

5. Forklifts come in practically any price imaginable

They cost anywhere from $15,000 to over $150,000. Much like the automobile market, there’s a style and design for everyone.

6. They recently turned 100 years old

The modern forklift’s “forefather” were battery-powered platform trucks used by the Pennsylvania Railroad for moving luggage. Yep, necessity has always been the mother of invention, and that concept drives many of the most interesting facts about forklifts.

7. There’s a one in ten chance a random forklift will be involved in an accident this year

8. Roughly one in six of all U.S. fatalities in the workplace are forklift-related

(Hey, we never said all these statistics would be good news!)

9. Forkliftcertification.com can save your business thousands of dollars in potential penalties

OSHA regulates workplaces all across the country, and a surprise visit could mean significant finds and other operating losses.

Forkliftcertification.com looks forward to meeting and exceeding your forklift training needs. Our comprehensive assessments provide superior instruction at a fraction of the cost other companies charge. Additionally, we supply quick credentials so your workers are on the job immediately – there’s little or no downtime involved for your business.

Here’s one of the most important facts about forklifts you’ll read: employers are responsible for training and certification for all their forklift drivers. Yet most companies lack the resources to handle this significant task. That’s why FLC is one of the most trusted certification solutions around – we’ll get your employees compliant for much less money than you think!

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