The Lean, Mean Green Machine: Creating an Environmentally Friendly Warehouse

Creating an Environmentally Friendly Warehouse
Environmentally friendly buildings are part of the next wave of industrial design and architecture. When you think about so-called “green” building, it’s usually office complexes and residential structures that come to mind.

However, warehouses are also in the mix when it comes to reducing waste, conserving energy, and generally making workspaces for healthy for employees – including forklift drivers!

A big theme with today’s environmentally friendly warehouses is reducing the building “footprint.” That is, making better use of space and building materials to produce distribution centers, terminals, and other warehouses that are just as efficient as yesteryear’s enormous facilities, but with less overall energy consumption.

Here’s another footprint to think about – your liability with OSHA in the event of a forklift accident or injury. If your company is involved with either one, there’s a good chance you’ll get audited or investigated. Without compliant training records, fines could reach over $10,000.

Are you prepared to suffer these serious consequences? Reduce your liability footprint – or eliminate it altogether – with OSHA compliant forklift training from Our training courses cover all the key concepts your employees need to know.

It’s against the last to willingly employ an untrained forklift driver. You can’t afford to NOT provide training for your drivers – sign up today and get compliant!

So much for the liability – let’s get back to the environmental footprint, and how your warehouse can become a little “greener” today!


Save Money, Improve Employee Wellbeing and More: Making Your Warehouse Environmentally Friendly

Here’ a handful of ways to make your warehouse a little less taxing on the environment:

  • Go with energy efficient equipment. Electric forklifts are an ideal replacement for traditional gas-powered equipment. With more efficient battery performance than ever before, today’s electric forklifts offer the same power as regular lifts, without the environmental impact. Aside from lifts, you can also look elsewhere in your warehouse for energy efficient accessories, from the refrigerator in the breakroom to more energy-friendly office equipment.
  • Recycle. It’s a simple step that goes a long way toward becoming a green warehouse – recycling. Check with your municipality or local authorities to see what your warehouse can do to recycle more. Pallets, containers, boxes, and recycled materials are perfect for any warehouse that’s looking to become environmentally friendly.
  • Try a roof with skylights. More natural light means less artificial light. And that helps limit utility expenses. Plus, many studies have shown that natural light makes for happier, healthier employees. A room that allows more light in is a win-win for everyone involved!
  • Check the temp. By lowering your warehouse temperature just a few degrees, you’ll save thousands in energy costs per month. Plus, a slightly cooler warehouse temp helps Mother Nature. If your warehouse is already cool (frozen food distribution centers and similar facilities), you’re already halfway home! Try dropping your warehouse temperature a degree or two – it’s one of the easiest ways to become green practically overnight!
  • Don’t forget smart site planning. Warehouses are all about logistics. And now, designers are looking to build warehouses that are more conveniently located to interstate highways, rail lines, airports, and other transportation hubs. Strategically located warehouses are better for the environment, simply because they reduce transportation-related costs (fuel, oil, etc.). If you’re in the planning stages with your new warehouse, remember that location is everything, particularly when the environment is accounted for.


Make Your Warehouse OSHA Friendly, Too: Sign up with Today!

Now that you know a few ways to adopt environmentally friendly concepts and operating techniques, go ahead and give them a try! You’ll see immediate benefits, and you’ll also set a positive tone for other employees to adopt green-conscious behaviors outside the workplace!

The best warehouses are environmentally friendly and also OSHA friendly. In other words, they’re 100% compliant with OSHA regulations, including forklift driver training. If you’re not sure about your current compliance situation, don’t roll the dice. Give a call today at (888) 278-8896, or click here to sign up for any of our forklift training courses.

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