forklift certification onlineEvery company that uses forklifts in Pennsylvania requires training and certification. And the Harrisburg area is no exception. Did you know OSHA requires all employers to provide this training? Where can you go for reliable, affordable forklift certification in Harrisburg? (FLC) has you covered. We’re all about OSHA compliance, and our Harrisburg forklift certification is the best solution. With convenient USB flash drive access and coursework that can be done anytime, plenty of PA companies rely on FLC. Suppose you need Harrisburg forklift certification online to prevent an alarming rate of accidents. In that case, we’ll take care of your training needs.

Our classes include:

  • Trainer Certification: This Harrisburg forklift certification, priced at $149.00, is perfect for all your employees.
  • Employee Training Kit: The kit is mailed to you for just $299. If you want a qualified trainer on hand, this is the best option for you.
  • Bundle & Save: Can’t decide between the two? Get both for a reduced rate of $399.

Once your employees go through our classes, they’re better equipped to avoid accidents and make your workplace more productive. And that’s just the start of all the benefits!

How to Get Forklift Certified in Harrisburg

You won’t believe how easy it is to get forklift certification in Harrisburg. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Register. Create login info to get started.
  2. Choose training: Check FLC’s course catalog and add your Harrisburg forklift certification to your cart.
  3. Online tests: Your workers take tests to solidify their forklift safety knowledge.
  4. On-site testing: With checklists and other helpful testing info, you can make sure your employees can safely operate your forklifts.
  5. Print forklift credentials: FLC’s convenient format allows you to print OSHA-approved training records once they’ve passed the course and evaluation.

Why Is FLC the Best Choice for Forklift Certification in Harrisburg?

You’ll get all kinds of benefits with FLC’s online Harrisburg forklift certification.

  • Convenient access – Your employees can take their classes before work, on lunch breaks, or whenever!
  • Certification in about 60 minutes – FLC allows workers to get certified in about an hour. Some students take longer, and that’s fine!
  • Renewal training at no extra cost –Harrisburg forklift certification is no longer valid after three years. But our renewal certification is free!
  • Affordable prices – Even the smallest Harrisburg company can afford our training.
  • Audit & inspection coverage – OSHA will inspect or investigate if your company has an accident or injury. But your company is protected from expensive fines if this happens because you’ll have proof of training.

Check out this helpful questionnaire if you’re unsure which Harrisburg forklift certification you need.

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Harrisburg Forklift Certification FAQs

Check out these FAQs for more info about our training:

Who Needs Forklift Certification in Harrisburg?

All forklift drivers need to be certified in PA. Without training, deadly accidents are more likely to occur.

How Expensive can OSHA fines get?

Some fines can exceed six figures, depending on how severe the violation is.

I have new employees and experienced drivers. Does FLC cover everyone?

Absolutely! Our forklift certification in Harrisburg is designed for all skill levels and gives you full OSHA compliance.

Go ahead and get registered today! We’ll show you how to get forklift certified in Harrisburg. We’re the best option for your company’s liability and, more importantly, employee safety!


PA WITH FLC Get your Forklift Certification for Harrisburg, PA with FLC!

Whether you need help with OSHA compliant forklift training in Harrisburg, PA or need to train your entire forklift fleet,  the choice is clear for PA’s capital: Make a capital investment in your company and your employees’ safety get certified today with FLC and sign up with our Harrisburg forklift certification. 

Once you have your forklift certification for Harrisburg, PA, you’re on your way to landing a great forklift job. Don’t delay any longer – call us today at (888) 278-8896 with any questions about our forklift certification in Harrisburg.

Thanks for considering for your Harrisburg forklift certification!