Forklifts designed and manufactured by The Raymond Corporation are a unique line of equipment that includes lift trucks, pallet jacks and reach trucks, all of which will make moving materials and inventory in and around your warehouse, factory or construction site much faster, easier and more efficient. Raymond’s lifts, which  are smaller and easier to maneuver than standard forklifts, are known for being extremely reliable pieces of equipment. Their full line of products are used for virtually every workplace lifting and material handling need, which has resulted in Raymond becoming a forklift industry leader.


Raymond Forklift Training and Certification

Headquartered in Greene, NY, The Raymond Corporation has distributors through the country. They’ve been a leader in the material handling industry for many years. Raymond’s full line of forklift equipment includes electric forklifts, standing forklifts, turret forklifts and high reach forklifts that have set the industry standard for productivity, reliability and value. What’s more, Raymond equipment also has a reputation for being easy to maintain.

Some of the unique features of Raymond forklifts include ergonomically designed seating, controls for stand-up operations and several new environmentally-friendly modifications. A Raymond forklift is ideal for any environmentally conscious business that’s looking for lift equipment that’s reliable and will help make their employees more efficient and productive.

Raymond forklifts, reach trucks and lift trucks have some unique features that require operators to be adequately trained before they’re allowed to use them. As a business owner who employs forklift operators, it’s a good idea to consider having your employees receive Raymond forklift operator training and certification through, which will teach them how to safely and efficiently use the Raymond line of forklift equipment.

If you’re looking for the best forklift training program around for operating Raymond reach trucks, Raymond lift trucks and other Raymond equipment, contact today. We have the online training courses that are just right for quickly and efficiently training your workers to become totally OSHA compliant.


Found in workplaces throughout the country, here are some of the most popular and widely used  pieces of Raymond lift equipment:

Raymond High Capacity Reach Truck

This model is capable of lifting up to one ton of material as high as 505 inches, or more than 40 feet overhead. Raymond’s popular high capacity reach truck sets the industry standard for ease of use,  performance and rugged durability.

✓ Raymond 7700 Reach Fork Truck

This is a great piece of lift equipment for drivers who work longer shifts, thanks to its ultra-comfortable ergonomic design. FLC’s Raymond forklift certification training covers all the important aspects of remaining alert, avoiding potential hazards and staying comfortable while on the job. Your operators will need proper Raymond reach truck training to safely operate Raymond’s model 7700 lift, so enroll them today!

✓ Raymond Deep Reach Forklift

If your warehouse has pallet bays that are deep and narrow, this Raymond forklift will make working with these difficult material handling situations much faster, easier and safer to complete.

These are just some of the Raymond forklifts that might be used in your business. Click here to see the complete line of Raymond lift equipment, which also includes manual and powered pallet jacks, counterbalanced trucks, turret trucks, order pickers, sideloaders, tow tractors and walkie stackers.

If your business is looking for a reliable and reputable training source for your Raymond forklift operators, you’ve come to the bright place! FLC’s comprehensive Raymond certification training will provide your employees with training that applies to the entire line of Raymond equipment


While many features of Raymond’s lift equipment are similar to other makes and models on the market, Raymond’s stand-up control design creates some unique operating situations. By providing your employees with training that’s specific to the Raymond line of equipment, you’ll ensure that all of your operators, including those who have several years’ experience operating standard lift equipment are fully familiar with the configuration and operation of  Raymond forklifts.

When you have your employees receive Raymond forklift certification training through FLC’s OSHA compliant online courses, you’ll immediately notice  increased employee productivity, workplace safety protocols and a reduction in accidents that result in serious worker injuries and costly damages to inventory and equipment. FLC’s lift operator training and certification courses that cover how to operate Raymond forklifts are a great way to help keep your workplace safe and accident-free, while at the same time avoiding severe OSHA penalties and expensive fines. has been a recognized leader in online OSHA compliant forklift training and certification since 2002. We offer three different training programs that will teach your operators how to properly use Raymond forklift equipment, as well as other forklift makes and models. Through FLC’s Raymond forklift certification courses, your company and your employees will become OSHA compliant much faster, easier and more economically than you probably thought possible.

If your company uses Raymond forklifts in the workplace and you need Raymond forklift certification, FLC offers operator training that’s OSHA compliant, convenient and affordable. We’ll help you get your entire workforce up to speed in as little as an hour through our operator safety training that covers all Raymond models, including Raymond’s stand up forklifts, so why wait any longer – enroll your drivers today!


Now it’s easier than ever to have your Raymond lift operators properly trained and certified online. Here are the three different forklift training programs offered by FLC and what’s covered by each of them:

✓ Forklift Training Kit

One of our most popular courses, this fully OSHA-compliant course will teach your forklift operators everything they need to know about safely operating Raymond forklifts in and around the workplace in as little as an hour. The Training and Certification Kit includes everything needed to train and certify your current and future operators for a one-time payment of just $299.

✓ Train A Trainer Program

Our Train A Trainer course was designed specifically for companies that already have a forklift operator training program in place, but need an in-house trainer who’s always available to certify the business’s unlicensed drivers, as well as evaluate and certify new workers as they’re hired. FLC’s course to become a Certified Forklift Safety Trainer is fully OSHA-approved and costs only $149.

✓ Bundle and Save Package

This is a package that can save you money. Our Bundle and Save Package includes both our Forklift Training & Certification Kit and our Train A Trainer Course for just $399. That’s a savings of $50 over purchasing the two courses separately.


Enroll your operators in our OSHA-compliant forklift certification Raymond training program today and you’ll soon have a workplace that’s safer, more productive and OSHA compliant. As an employer, you’ll avoid costly fines and even possible imprisonment. Just follow these five simple steps:

✓ Create an account on FLC’s website (it only takes a few minutes)

✓ Register each of your individual operators

✓ Next, have your workers log into the company account

✓ Have them work through the training modules by viewing the online videos and taking the exams. This usually takes about an hour, although trainees can work at their own pace since there are no time limits. Using a smartphone, tablet or other digital device, all training materials can be accessed online 24/7 any time that’s convenient and anywhere there’s an Internet connection

✓ After completing the quizzes, a qualified person will observe and assess each student’s lift operating capabilities and safety knowledge. (see our Train A Trainer program for more information).

That’s all there is to it! Once students pass the test and hands on operating evaluation, the forklift certification process is complete and your operators will be OSHA compliant. Just download and print their temporary forklift operator cards – there’s no need to wait for them to arrive by mail.


Forklift certification is more than just something that’s nice for your employees to have – it’s also the law! If you still have questions, call us at (888) 278-8896 to speak with one of our OSHA training experts or click here to sign up your Raymond forklift operators today. Contact now for the very best Raymond forklift certification training available that covers the entire line of Raymond stand up forklifts, turret lifts and high reach lifts program.

Thanks for visiting the website. We look forward to helping your company with all your Raymond forklift certification and training needs!