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Ashburn, Virginia is a census-designated place approximately 30 miles from Washington D.C. It is home to the Dulles Technology Corridor, along with data centers used by Equinix and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Many businesses in Ashburn require licensed forklift operators, too. Yet, if these companies do not comply with OSHA forklift certification requirements, they put themselves and their employees at risk.

If a company lets workers use forklifts without a license, it is subject to OSHA fines and penalties. In addition, unlicensed forklift operators are ill-equipped to properly use a lift. Thus, this operator can cause a forklift accident that results in serious injury or death.

All Ashburn businesses that employ forklift operators must comply with OSHA requirements. Thanks to, these businesses can ensure their workers receive OSHA-approved forklift certification training.

Forklift Certification Ashburn: Here’s a Closer Look

OSHA has forklift certification requirements in place to protect businesses and their employees. And, it is mandatory for all businesses that employ forklift operators to comply with these requirements.

With forklift certification in Ashburn from FLC, any worker can become an OSHA-compliant forklift operator. We provide an online forklift certification program that is accessible anywhere an internet connection is available. Plus, our program allows a worker to download and print their OSHA forklift certification card as soon as their coursework is complete.

Is Forklift Certification in Ashburn Necessary?

Forklift accidents can occur at any time. But, your business can reduce the risk of such issues if it enrolls its workers in forklift certification training.

Ultimately, it is illegal for a worker to operate a forklift without a license. If you enroll your workers in forklift certification, you can avoid this issue. Also, you can show your workers you are willing to do what it takes to protect them against forklift accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Why Should You Select FLC for Forklift Certification in Ashburn?

FLC has been a leading provider of OSHA-approved forklift certification for nearly two decades. Reasons why companies partner with us for forklift certification training include:

Interactive Lessons: Workers can use our interactive lessons to learn about all aspects of forklift safety.

Affordable Prices: We supply forklift certification that is more affordable than enrolling your workers in an offsite class.

OSHA Compliance: Our forklift certification training is OSHA-compliant. Upon completion, your workers will be OSHA-approved forklift operators. Meanwhile, your business can avoid OSHA violations.

Enhanced Workplace Safety: As OSHA-approved forklift operators, your workers can contribute to a safe, productive work environment. Over time, they can help your business avoid forklift accidents and reach its full potential.

Since 2002, we have provided businesses in Ashburn and other cities and towns across the United States with top-notch forklift certification training. We also offer renewal training, so forklift operators can keep their certification up to date.

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