Some Forklift Jobs are Cool, Others are COLD – The Unique Challenges Facing Frozen Food Warehouse Drivers

frozen warehouse driversAll that frozen food at your local grocery store was, not too long ago, sitting in a warehouse. But not just any warehouse. A frozen food distribution warehouse is typically kept at around 20-degrees below zero.

Called order selectors or “pickers,” the workers who fulfill orders for stores have the tough task of transporting pallets & products in sub-freezing conditions – all while safety operating forklift and pallet jacks!

As you can imagine, working in this environment has its share of challenges. Here are just a few:

  • The temperature. There’s no getting around it – 20 below is coooold! Due to the extreme temperature, selectors must wear bulky clothing, including gloves, hats, jackets, thermal pants and work boots.
  • The surface. Warehouse floors are usually slick enough, but ultra-cold warehouses are tricky to navigate. If something spills, workers must use extra caution.
  • The forklifts. Numb fingers, clouds of steamy breath, impaired hearing (due to earmuffs) – these are just some of the hazards drivers have to be aware of. Safely running a lift in sub-zero conditions requires vigilance, discipline and toughness.
  • The hours. Most stores run on 24-hour delivery cycles – that means you could work morning, noon or night.

Are there any upsides to driving a forklift or pallet jack in a frozen food warehouse? Most of the time, the pay is superior to regular warehouse forklift operators. Most employers realize the extra sacrifice involved by working in an Arctic-like setting.

Is this something you’d be interested in? Like regular forklift drivers, you would expect to have the proper training and know-how to avoid accidents and safely operate your lift, even in harsh conditions.

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