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Akron Forklift Certification

akron forklift certificationThe city of Akron, Ohio is quickly becoming known as a global hub of innovation. Akron is attracting international companies that are looking for bases involving higher education, healthcare, and public and private organizations. If you are looking to move to Akron, or you wish to change careers, Akron offers plenty of job opportunities to maintain the city as a modern location to encourage the growth of top companies. Some of the top industries in the city include plastic and chemical manufacturing, metalworking, motor vehicles and equipment, and machinery. Emerging industries include biomedical, information technology, advanced water technologies, and renewable energies. These emerging industries are on the lookout for qualified workers, especially those who can operate heavy, large equipment like forklifts.

How Can I Get Involved in Akron’s Established and Emerging Industries?

If you’re looking to get involved and qualify for new, exciting jobs in Akron’s top industries, the best way to do so is to invest in specialized education. What is an example of this specialized training? Forklift certification. All of the top industries mentioned above require the skills of those who can operate large equipment like forklifts. Warehouses, airports like the Akron-Canton Airport, and manufacturing companies cannot function without modern day technology, including large equipment to do the heavy lifting and transporting. If you wish to qualify for a new job in any one of these industries and enjoy a pay raise, make Akron forklift certification your top priority.

Why is Forklift Training in Akron so Important?akron forklift certification

Forklifts drastically increase the productivity and speed of a work-site and make many, if not all, of the daily functions possible. In order for these top companies to stay current with technology and run as efficient as possible, it takes competent and responsible workers to operate forklifts. Without this essential training, workers cannot work as efficiently because they don’t know proper protocol and procedures. Uncertified workers also increase the chances of injuries and fatalities occurring on work-sites. Employers are no longer willing to take that risk by hiring uncertified workers that don’t have an operator card, especially now that OSHA has raised its fines to help reduce the number of annual injuries.

How Can I Obtain Forklift Certification in Akron?

Just because forklift certification is so vital to workers and the workplace doesn’t mean it has to be complicated or expensive. offers the most convenient training programs around. The online program takes only about an hour to complete and covers everything workers will need to know to operate forklifts safely–covering warehouse forklifts, order pickers, pallet jacks, and rough terrain lifts. The program costs $299, offering workers comprehensive, OSHA-approved training at a fraction of the price of other training programs. And you don’t even need to travel to an off-site facility to complete your certification because you can access our program wherever internet is available, 24-7.

It couldn’t be any easier to obtain your Akron forklift certification and qualify for numerous job opportunities. Choose a training package that works best for you to get your Akron forklift certification today!

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