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The Friendly and Functional Forklift

Sometimes one forklift just isn’t enough. As this popular clip shows, two forklifts are required to get the job done.

In a stunt that would likely draw the attention of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the video shows a forklift lifting another forklift into a trailer. The second lift is used to push the load toward the back. Once the lift pushes the load in the whole way, it gets another “lift” down to the ground from the larger lift.

Originally posted on Facebook on July 2nd, the clip also received a ton of comments from people who found the video funny, tragic, stupid – or all 3 things at once!

The other 2 clips from the Yahoo! page show other unsafe practices from other lifts and machinery. The first is from either Bulgaria or Russia and was probably unplanned, while the other video displays a stunt that gets an excavator to the top of a specially constructed tower.

All 3 videos are most certainly not recommended! Try any stunts like these (or anything similar), and you’ll probably be looking for another job (if you survive them).

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