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Why are Forklifts a High Theft Item?


Why are Forklifts a High Theft Item?

Forklifts are an expensive piece of equipment that are essential to daily tasks in a number of industries– from logistics and warehouses to construction and materials handling. With forklifts costing as much as $110,000, the theft of a forklift can devastate a company, putting a halt to necessary workplace tasks. Forklifts are a high theft item for a number of reasons, such as their value. They are a hot target for those needing a forklift but don’t have the funds to purchase a new one.

However, the most common reason forklifts are stolen is because they are needed to commit other crimes. Forklifts are often stolen to aid other criminal acts, including ATM theft, material theft, vault theft, and any other crimes that will require lifting a large amount of weight. In Lincoln County, two men were arrested for stealing a forklift to heist a custom woodstove in September 2014, while in October 2014, a man in Portland stole two forklifts to cause property damage.

Most often, forklifts are stolen by those who have no connection to the owners or company where the forklift is used. In some cases, forklift thefts are a rash decision for those looking for a thrill. In 2012, an intoxicated man in Arizona stole a forklift and took it for a joy ride down a local road. Unfortunately, cases like this aren’t that uncommon.

No matter the reason behind the theft, recovering stolen forklifts is a challenge. Often, if a forklift is recovered, it has been severely damaged, making it useless or requiring extensive costly repairs.

To protect against forklift theft, ForkliftCertification recommends maintaining a secure storage area with the use of a surveillance system. In addition, an internal security committee will help reduce the likeliness of a theft. By keeping an eye on your equipment when no one is around, you’ll lessen the risk for a theft.

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