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Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, ranks top 5 in the United States in both GDP and population. Traditionally a bedrock of American industrial innovation, the state now features an increasingly diverse economy, with strong representation in energy, healthcare, financial services, and many other industries.

Does your company rely on forklift drivers at your stores, distribution centers, warehouses and other facilities? (FLC) is the only training solution you need for forklift certification in Illinois.

Many companies aren’t sure how to get forklift certification in Illinois. They’re concerned about costs, OSHA guidelines, liability and other issues. That’s why FLC is a preferred partner for companies from Chicago to Champaign, from Aurora to Peoria and elsewhere in Illinois.

With a trio of helpful courses for forklift training and certification in Illinois, FLC covers all your compliance bases. Get forklift certification in Illinois today!

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If you’re not sure how to get forklift certification in Illinois for your company, keep reading…it’s easier than you think!

Get Forklift Certification in Illinois Today!

Three courses. One goal – to ensure your company is fully compliant as quickly and affordably as possible. Here’s what we have to offer for your forklift certification in Illinois:

Train a Trainer

For just $149, this forklift certification in Illinois ensures your company has an in-house safety expert…a great value!

Training Kit

Ideal for beginner and veteran forklift operators, this popular & versatile course is only $299.

Bundle Package

Can’t decide between the two courses above for your forklift training and certification in Illinois? Get the Bundle Package and save $50!

Online Certification – offered by, our sister training company, Online Certification is available for the low price of $59.

If you don’t have forklift certification in Illinois, don’t wait another minute, as you can’t afford the cost on non-compliance. However, you can definitely afford our training, so sign up for forklift certification in Illinois ASAP!

Why Do You Need Forklift Certification in Illinois?

For one, your drivers will learn how to avoid forklift accidents. For another, you’ll see an immediate improvement in company morale, not to mention productivity!

But the main reason why your company needs forklift certification in Illinois has to do with the law. As an employer, you’re required to ensure your workers know how to safely operate a forklift. If your company has an accident and you can’t show proof of training, heavy penalties are sure to follow.

Don’t take chances with your forklift training and certification in Illinois. Get started with FLC today, and make sure your company:

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