Why Getting Forklift Certification Is A Great Career Move!

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If you are one of those people who can’t bear the thought of being chained to a desk and you have good hand-eye coordination, then getting qualified for forklift jobs with a forklift certification may be just what you are looking for. Operating a forklift, or powered industrial truck, is challenging physical work. You can leave your problems behind when you clock off and get to look forward to another new day on the job that is anything but monotonous.

Reasons to Consider Forklift Jobs

Forklift drivers are in high demand throughout the country for a variety of work. New construction, maintenance work, dock work, and even special events need the help of forklifts and their operators. What this means is that you’ll have your pick from the hundreds of new forklift jobs popping up every day all around the United States, and you can start a new and exciting career in very little time.

For those who want to maximize their career earnings, the salary of a forklift operator may be sufficient, too. On average, a forklift operator earns between $33,000 and $43,000 annually. However, forklift operator salaries vary based on the employer, the operator’s skills and industry experience, and other factors.

Furthermore, only those with a forklift certification qualify for the highest-paying jobs. Once you complete forklift training and receive your certificate, you can take it anywhere in America and beyond because the qualification is portable.

If you like working outside with various objects and tools, and you’d prefer not to have a boss lurking over your shoulder all the time, you’ll love what you can do at forklift jobs as well. The variety of forklifts jobs is nearly endless, and includes multiple versions of the following:

  • Moving and handling loads in a warehouse. Anything from cartons of toilet paper around a warehouse to placing delicate and valuable computer equipment (circa half a million dollars’ worth) use forklifts and properly trained operators.
  • Dock work. If you hanker for the feel of a sea breeze but don’t have sea legs, then driving a forklift truck to load and unload ships in the marine sector might be for you.
  • Building and maintenance work. Find a position working inside facilities and outside on construction sites for building and maintenance work.
  • Special events. Work with different organizations and companies to help put together special events and set-up entertainment venues.

As a forklift operator, you can deliver meaningful contributions to businesses in many industries. Yet, in order to become a forklift operator, you need the proper certification.

Why Get Forklift Certification?

The benefits of becoming a certified forklift operator can be significant. Along with potentially earning an above-average annual salary and putting yourself in position to land the top forklift jobs, your certification confirms you know what it takes to guard against on-the-job accidents and injuries.

Untrained forklift operators are increasingly prone to mistakes that result in falls, forklift tip-overs, and other accidents. These incidents put a forklift operator and their coworkers at risk of injuries, and they may be fatal. Also, even a single forklift accident can result in legal consequences for a forklift operator and their employer. The accident may make it virtually impossible for a forklift operator to pursue similar roles in the future.

Forklift certification training gives workers the tools and resources they need to thrive. With forklift certification, lift operators can do their part to maintain safe work environments. Plus, they can simultaneously minimize workplace safety risks and boost their chances of enjoying a successful career at the employer of their choice.

Is Forklift Certification Worth It?

Forklift certification is what you make of it. So, if you allocate time, energy, and resources to earn forklift certification and use what you’ve learned consistently, you may be in high demand among businesses in need of expert forklift operators. The result: your forklift certification can help you maximize your career earnings and achieve your career goals.

How to Qualify for a Forklift Job

The first step to qualifying for forklift jobs is completing forklift training and receiving your forklift certification. Hundreds of fatal forklift accidents happen every year in America and the majority of them are caused by operators performing unsafe acts, using improper practices, or who failed to recognize hazards. If you want to protect your life on the job, you need your forklift certification.

Your safety while operating forklifts is the number one reason to get forklift training, but it’s just as important if you want to qualify for forklift jobs. Employers simply aren’t willing to hire untrained and uncertified workers to operate their machines due to the increased risk of accidents, equipment damage, penalties and fines from government agencies like OSHA. Employers look specifically for job applicants who have a forklift certification license because they know they’ll be able to help them create a safe, accident-free workplace.

To get your forklift certification to qualify for forklift jobs, follow these simple steps:

  • Find an OSHA-compliant forklift training company
  • Sign up for the forklift certification program
  • Complete the training modules and the practical assessment with a certified Trainer
  • Receive your forklift certification
  • Qualify for forklift jobs!

Get Your OSHA-Compliant Forklift Certification with FLC

When you’re evaluating forklift certification programs, look for one that is compliant with OSHA standards. This type of forklift certification verifies that you have been trained to OSHA standards. It can also help keep you alive and help your employer avoid costly OSHA fines.

We’ve designed our forklift training program at FLC to be as fast, convenient, and affordable as possible — all while delivering the important information you need to operate forklifts safely and be OSHA-compliant. It only takes about one hour to complete from any device with an internet connection! Once you’re all done, you can instantly print your forklift certificate card to qualify for forklift jobs!

We offer three different forklift courses that you can purchase separately to save money on the type of training you need most:

  • Warehouse Forklifts, Classes 1, 4, 5
  • Pallet Jacks & Order Pickers, Classes 2, 3
  • Rough Terrain Forklifts, Class 7

You can also save on all three of these programs when you bundle with the Training Kit.

If you’re an employer and would like to train your own experienced operators to train new employees, purchase the Train the Trainer course and never pay for a third-party training program again.

Whether you are looking for your first job or pondering a career change, there are a lot of advantages to getting a forklift certification. The money is good, you can basically choose wherever you want to live and work, and it’s remarkably fast and easy to get your forklift certification. Complete your forklift certification today to qualify for forklift jobs tomorrow!

For more information, please contact us online or call us today at (888) 278-8896!

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