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Your Forklift Will Retire Soon…Now What?

At some point, every forklift – even the “old reliable” ones – must ride off into the sunset. Responsibly recycling your forklift is a smart way to get the best value for your investment. Unlike some assets, an old forklift cannot simply be set to the curb for the garbage truck to pick up.

According to a recent article in Supply & Demand Chain Executive, there are certain things you can do to make sure your lift enjoys a smooth retirement – no matter your ultimate plans for the machine.

Your Forklift Will Retire Soon…Now What?

Your Forklift Will Retire Soon…Now What?

When your forklift becomes more costly to operate than it is actually worth, it’s time to consider the retirement option. This checklist will help you get the optimum value for your forklift:

Sell or trade it in. If your lift still has some life left, try trading in for a newer lift. Even if your lift isn’t worth using anymore, resourceful buyers can always use spare parts. Try a private listing or go with a 3rd-party dealer.

Reassign the lift for lighter duty. OK, so your lift can’t do what it once could. No problem – just move it to another part of your operation for less-stressful work. You could use it for small loads and other light-duty tasks.

Scrap it. Depending on your local scrap market, it might be worthwhile to consider scrapping your forklift. Some older models contain valuable metals, and these “hidden gems” can really pay off. Do a little research on your particular lift to see if it’s scrap-worthy.

Keep it. Hey, some of those old forklifts have sentimental value. Sometimes a tune-up or parts replacement can make all the difference. This is an option for older, well-maintained lifts. offers the best possible forklift training online, available in 3 convenient programs: the Forklift Training Kit, Train a Trainer class and Bundle Training Package. Each class features OSHA-compliant training content, developed by a dedicated & professional staff. Our courses are made for busy workers and supervisors, just like you. Best of all, you can access our OSHA-ready training courses anytime, all the time. If you’re online, it’s easy to get your certification papers!

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Every forklift will retire at one point or another. Hopefully this article will help your retire your forklift the smart, responsible way. Thanks for checking out the FLC blog!

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