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Top 5 Forklift Accessories & Attachments

(Updated July 2020) forklift driver

With the right forklift accessories or attachment, your forklift’s function increases significantly. We’ve rounded up five of the best add-ons that can help your forklift reach new heights – literally and figuratively.

With the right forklift accessories and attachments, you can increase the functionality of your forklift. At the same time, you can help your forklift operators become more productive, leading to improved results at your worksites.

There is no shortage of forklift accessories at your disposal. Now, let’s look at five forklift attachments that can help your forklift reach new heights – both literally and figuratively.

1. Safety Work Platform

A safety work platform (SWP) fork attachment is designed to provide forklift operators with extra stability and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Ensure your SWP includes safety features and adhere to the manufacturer’s safety guidelines.

2. Side Shifter

When you require added flexibility with right-to-left or left-to-right positioning, a side shifter is a terrific option. A side shifter works great in tight spaces, and it can move side to side without requiring workers to move a lift truck. Also, a side shifter can help workers accurately position a fork and lower fuel consumption costs.

3. Forklift Spreader Bar

If your forklift has limited horizontal carrying capability, a spreader bar can help you move it and stabilize larger-than-average loads. A forklift spreader bar is a popular attachment for businesses in a variety of industries, including shipping, transportation, and storage. The accessory attaches to the front of a lift and can stabilize a load that otherwise can bend when it is lifted and become unstable. It can simultaneously make handling large materials easy and safe and reduce the risk of damage to nearby structures.

4. Fork Extensions

For large pallets, shipping containers, and other cargo that may be difficult to handle, fork extensions provide extra stability and additional leverage. Fork extensions are simple to use, and they feature steel straps that prevent loads from slipping and causing serious accidents. The bottom line: fork extensions are your go-to tool when you need to handle large loads.

5. Hoisting Hooks

Hoisting hooks allow workers to position loads that may be inaccessible with traditional forks. They are perfect for lifting and lowering hook-mounted loads and won’t break your budget. Ensure proper attachment when using hoisting hooks, and you’re good to start using them right away.

Are Forklift Accessories Necessary?

Forklift accessories can help workers maximize their productivity and efficiency. In some instances, accessories may help workers safely operate forklifts and lower their risk of accidents and injuries.

Which Forklift Attachments Do You Need?

It often helps to consult with workers to determine which forklift attachments are the best options for your business. Forklift operators can provide insights into the challenges they face every day, along with recommendations about any attachments that may be used to alleviate these issues.

In terms of safety, it is beneficial to select forklift attachments that help workers comply with OSHA requirements. Forklift accessories should help workers do their jobs safely. With accessories that fall in line with OSHA mandates, your business can support its forklift operators, enhance on-the-job safety, and drive unprecedented productivity and efficiency.

Find the Right OSHA Forklift Attachments

Devote time and resources to learn about OSHA requirements. This ensures that your business can avoid safety violations, as well as reduce the risk of forklift accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Meanwhile, your business can provide its forklift operators with the accessories they need to thrive.

As you evaluate OSHA forklift attachments, you may want to pursue forklift safety training as well. Because, if you can teach your workers about forklift safety, you can help them get the most value out of any forklift accessory investments. Best of all, you can put your forklift operators in the best position to succeed today, tomorrow, and long into the future.

Offer Forklift Certification Training to Your Workers

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