What Is Forklift Clamp All About

paper roll forklift clampIf you work in a setting where forklifts are routinely used for operations, odds are good that you’ve heard the term forklift clamp used before. These types of attachments are essential to the functionality of modern forklifts. Understanding how to correctly and safely use a forklift with clamp can make all the difference in terms of productivity and workplace safety. Of course, you’ll want to first ensure that all operators are forklift certified and in accordance with OSHA regulations. Employees who are untrained and uncertified open up their organization to expensive penalties and fines.

What is a Forklift Clamp? 

Forklift clamps are a type of attachment used to position tines and clamp down upon awkwardly shaped loads. They’re essential for lifting palletless loads. Using a forklift with clamp will allow you to handle loads more efficiently and more safely. In turn, this improves workplace safety while cutting down the amount of damage done to the loads in question. Clamps are frequently used in warehouses, agricultural settings, and on construction sites. Suitable for a wide range of applications, clamps can be attached to forklifts, telehandlers, and tractor loaders.

Types of Forklift Clamps

Forklift clamp attachments come in a wide range of sizes and varieties. Some of the most common types of forklift clamps include:

Fork Clamps

If you have an awkwardly shaped load to transport, fork clamps are incredibly helpful. They make it easier and safer to move objects that might otherwise be too difficult to transport. 

Bale Clamps

Most commonly used in agricultural settings, bale clamps are ideal for moving objects that don’t come in pallet form. Hay, cotton, and wool are all frequently transported using bale clamps.

Appliance Clamps

If you frequently handle packaged shipment of pallettless materials like produce or wine, you’ll want to get your hands on appliance clamps. This clamp attachment for forklifts is specifically designed to move items with care.

Concrete Block Clamps

Transporting bricks and cinder blocks requires a lot of patience and care, as the materials can easily become damaged in the process. A concrete block clamp provides an extra level of security for the items being moved and offers a cushion to protect the integrity of the concrete or bricks. 

Paper Roll Clamps

Moving large rolls of paper in industrial settings can be a real challenge. With a paper roll clamp attachment, operators can protect their goods while moving with ease. 

How to Use a Forklift with Clamp

Curious about how do you operate a clamp forklift? First, you’ll want to master the basics of forklift operation and get OSHA-certified. Working with forklift clamps is very similar to operating a regular lift. Instead of lifting, however, the clamps squeeze the load from the sides to ensure it can be moved safely. Always keep your clamps closed when traveling, as open clamps can cause visibility issues. As you mount your forklift with clamp, be sure to maintain four points of contact for safety.

Before you begin moving, familiarize yourself with the controls. Disengage the parking brake and look to the throttles that control your clamp. There should be one throttle that moves the load up and down, one that tilts it backwards and forwards, another that shifts the clamps to the left or right, and a final throttle that opens and closes your clamps. Drive forward into the product and close the forklift clamps around it. Take a light touch when closing the clamps, as you can inadvertently squeeze and damage the load if you’re not careful.

Clamp Forklift Operator Training

It’s one thing to read about clamp attachments for forklifts – it’s another thing entirely to learn to use them. If your organization plans to use forklifts, clamps and other attachments in the workplace, it’s essential to train and certify all employees who will be operating them. Forklift operators must be taught to use clamp attachments, perform pre-shift inspections, and understand how changes in stability impact the use of forklifts.

At ForkliftCertification.com, we make it easy for new and experienced forklift operators alike to get certified. Our course offerings are convenient, affordable, and can be completed from anywhere you have an internet connection. To learn more or sign up, click here. Have questions? Reach out to our team online or give us a call at 888-278-8896 today.

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