An Extensive Look at Forklift Certification in Birmingham, Alabama

Forklift Certification in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama’s most populous city, has a low unemployment rate and a bustling economy. It also boasts many manufacturing facilities frequently in search of certified forklift operators.

If your business needs Birmingham forklift certification, partner with We offer the following options for forklift training in Birmingham:

1. Train a Trainer

Our Train a Trainer course enables you to teach a worker how to train, evaluate, and certify forklift operators. In doing so, our course lets you bring forklift certification training in-house.

2. Training Kit

Our Training Kit teaches your workers the fundamentals of operating and maintaining a forklift. It includes specialized curricula for seven forklift scenarios, step-by-step guides, printable templates, a trainer orientation PowerPoint presentation, and more.

3. Bundle Package

Our Bundle Package offers the best of both worlds, as it includes our Train a Trainer course and Training Kit. Plus, our Bundle Package lets you save $50 in comparison to purchasing our Train a Trainer Course and Training Kit individually.

Browse our course catalog, so you can get started with Birmingham forklift certification today.

Why Is Forklift Certification in Birmingham, Alabama Important?

Any Birmingham business that requires its workers to use forklifts must verify that its employees are OSHA-certified. Otherwise, a business that ignores OSHA requirements risks penalties. Even worse, the company exposes its forklift operators to accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Forklift safety is key, regardless of the type of lift used at a worksite. If a forklift operator lacks adequate training, he or she risks crashes, tip-overs, and other accidents. And, a forklift accident can cause a serious injury or fatality.

FLC provides OSHA-approved forklift certification to Birmingham businesses. Our forklift certification program ensures your workers can become OSHA-compliant forklift operators in as little as one hour. Also, we provide free lifetime renewals. As a result, we make it easy for your workers to stay in compliance with OSHA forklift safety mandates. We ensure you can avoid forklift safety penalties, accidents, and similar compliance issues, too.

How Does Birmingham Forklift Certification Work?

FLC simplifies forklift certification in Birmingham. We offer a certification program that allows workers of all skill and experience levels to become OSHA-compliant forklift operators.

Our forklift certification program can be implemented at any time. Furthermore, workers can complete it at their convenience.

After a worker finishes our program, he or she will receive an OSHA forklift certification card. This verifies successful completion of our program. The card will remain valid for three years.

Why Should You Choose FLC for Forklift Training in Birmingham?

FLC is a leading provider of forklift certification training. We provide:

  •  Quality Training: We offer a wide range of learning materials that provide insights into common forklift accidents, forklift hazards, and other forklift safety topics.
  • Online Certification: Our certification program is accessible via smartphone, tablet, or desktop or laptop computer, anywhere an internet connection is available.
  • Outstanding Support: We want you to feel great about our forklift certification program and are here to respond to your concerns or questions.
  • Multiple Versions: Our certification program is available in English and Spanish.
  • OSHA Compliance: FLC ensures your forklift operators can comply with OSHA requirements.

We encourage you to check out our forklift certification in Birmingham. That way, you can help your workers become OSHA-approved forklift operators without delay.

Choose FLC for Forklift Certification in Birmingham, Alabama

FLC is proud to provide exceptional forklift certification training to businesses in Birmingham and other cities and towns nationwide. To learn more about our forklift certification program, please contact us online or call us today at (888) 278-8896.