Get the Best Forklift Job With the Right Certification

forklift operator loving his job

Forklift operators are always in demand. That’s the reality in our modern era – with so much shipping, storage, and heavy lifting to be done, qualified workers are always needed. Odds are good that there are promising opportunities in your area right now. So long as you complete comprehensive OSHA forklift certification training, you’re certain to land a solid position.

Finding forklift jobs near me starts with quality training. offers convenient online training that can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection. Over the course of a single afternoon, you can learn the skills and techniques necessary to find success as a forklift operator. Once training is complete, you’ll be OSHA-certified and ready to look for a job.

What Forklift Jobs Near Me Are Available?

There are literally dozens of different forklift jobs. Warehouses and distribution centers use standard indoor forklifts (gas- and electric-powered) to store and transport cargo. Operators are needed to drive large forklifts outdoors, including powered industrial trucks for construction sites, dockyards, shipping terminals and other high-volume transportation links. Plus, there are certain forklift manufacturers – SkyTrak, for example – that require all operators to receive specialized training. 

With OSHA safety training from FLC, anyone can increase their chances of obtaining a lucrative forklift job. Many employees who sign up for training ask, “How can I find forklift jobs near me?” With our training, anyone can bolster their career prospects in a wide range of industries

What Are the Best Forklift Operator Jobs?

The best forklift operator job varies. Here are some of the factors that job seekers need to consider before they pursue forklift operator roles:

  • Job location
  • Work schedule
  • Salary
  • Paid time-off 
  • Medical and dental benefits

Evaluate a forklift driver job posting before submitting an application for the role. This allows a job candidate to determine if the forklift operator role aligns with their career expectations. It also ensures that the candidate can find out if he or she has the skills required for the job. 

Skills Needed for Certified Forklift Operator Jobs

Employers are always looking for leaders and managers that can help new employees get OSHA certification for forklift safety. It’s important to know that for many jobs, forklift operators are required to work long hours and sometimes overnight. They may be required to have a certain level of physical fitness and stamina, as well as possess some math skills. It can also be helpful to have training and experience to prepare to operate a variety of forklifts, depending on the needs of the job.

How to Search for Forklift Jobs Near Me

To begin a search for the ideal forklift job, note the requirements and demands of a forklift operator. 

A forklift driver doesn’t need to have a degree to work certain jobs. However, most employers require at least a high school diploma or its equivalent. And while many companies provide onsite training, earning OSHA certification can help a forklift operator job candidate stand out from their rivals. A candidate’s OSHA certification can also make it easy for a business to hire him or her without a lengthy onboarding and training process. A business may even be more inclined to pay a candidate a higher salary than others if he or she has a valid OSHA forklift operator license

For those who have already completed OSHA forklift certification training, FLC can help. We offer a Train a Trainer program that lets anyone become an OSHA-compliant forklift certification trainer. 

Our Train a Trainer program is a great choice for anyone who wants to quickly climb the corporate ladder. The program allows anyone to become an OSHA-compliant forklift operator. Upon successful completion, an individual becomes an OSHA-approved forklift safety trainer. 

As an OSHA-approved forklift safety trainer, a job candidate can legally operate aerial work platforms (AWPs) and teach others how to use them. Thus, completing our Train a Trainer program can help a forklift driver job candidate enhance their resume. It ensures that a business can see that this candidate is willing to learn what’s necessary to promote forklift safety as well. 

Forklift Jobs at Major Companies

If you’re searching for forklift jobs near me, start by considering major corporations like Amazon and Walmart. These retailers are always hiring certified forklift operators, since much of their business relies upon shipping products direct to customers. Home Depot, Costco, and Lowe’s are other major companies that are constantly hiring forklift operators.

Of course, these retailers are far from the only corporations looking to hire qualified forklift operators. DHL Supply Chain, PepsiCo, FedEx, and UPS are also hiring for a number of jobs that require forklift certification. Virtually any major corporation that relies on moving products from shipping containers and tractor trailers into warehouses will offer opportunities for forklift operators. With so many great positions open for applying, the world is truly your oyster!

Is Now the Right Time to Pursue Forklift Jobs?

There’s truly never been a better time to search for forklift jobs. As more and more Americans turn to online retailers to have their goods and products shipped directly to their door, companies are looking for reliable forklift operators for help. It’s not just retailers that are on the hunt for quality professionals, either. Lumber yards, sawmills, warehouses, and construction sites also depend on forklift operators to accomplish tasks.

Forklift jobs follow commerce. No matter what the job market might look like from a distance, forklift operators can virtually always find new opportunities. So long as you earn your certification before starting your new position, you’ll find no shortage of great positions available near you.

FLC offers comprehensive OSHA certification training for anyone hoping to pursue forklift operator jobs. We provide a variety of training programs for anyone eager to learn the ropes. To learn more about our offerings, reach out online or give us at call at (888) 278-8896. You can also bookmark our blog to stay in the loop on forklift job opportunities, workplace guidance, training advice, and more.