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Tips for Preventing a Forklift Accident

According to OSHA figures, forklifts are responsible for 85 fatal accidents, 34,000 serious injuries and 61,800 non-serious injuries each year. Of fatal accidents, 42 percent are caused by an individual getting crushed by a forklift tipping over and over a third by an employee being crushed between the vehicle and a surface or another vehicle. The remaining 22 percent are the result of a worker being struck or run over by a forklift, hit by falling material or falling from a platform onto the forks.

More and more smart safety products are being introduced into the market to support employee compliance with OSHA forklift safety regulations. While no device on earth can replace a sound, thorough safety training and certification training program, these devices can take over briefly while your operators’ minds drift away to thoughts of food, sex or beer.

Driving awareness system

Designed and produced in Australia, the Tag Based Proximity Warning Alert lets forklift operators know when a pedestrian is getting too close for comfort and enables them to take preventive action and avoid a collision. Even collisions that do not result in injury can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars each day in equipment down time. The Bodyguard TB-PWA saves lives and money.

Hyster red seat belt with interlock device

The global materials handling company, Hyster, has recently developed a high visibility seat belt with optional interlock system. While the red belt increases visibility to create a visual reminder to the operator and an easy way for forklift bosses to monitor safety compliance, the interlock system takes safety a step further. The smart system can detect when an operator is not using the seat belt, slows down and comes to a stop until the interlocks are reset.

Forklift truck speed zoning system

Forklift operators driving at excessive speed in congested areas are a huge safety hazard, jeopardizing people, property and products. Davis Derby have developed a speed zoning system that uses strategically placed routers to create speed-controlled zones around the workplace.  When a forklift enters one of these zone, the system automatically reduces its speed. The system may also be tuned to limit the vehicle’s reach height.

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