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How to Get a Certified Forklift License

How to Get Forklift License

Get Your Forklift Driving License Online Quickly and Easily

Forklifts are essential to workplaces in virtually every major city and small town across America. They’re used for many different tasks on a wide range of indoor and outdoor job sites. Still, regardless of the location or its duties, one commonality all forklifts share is the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requirement that all forklift operators have a current forklift driver’s license.

Every worker who operates a forklift at your work site must be fully trained and have a valid forklift drivers license. Even if an employee only uses the lift occasionally, OSHA will levy hefty fines and may initiate legal action if they discover an unlicensed forklift operator on your premises. 

Beyond the painful impact to your bottom line, operating a lift without a forklift driver’s license leads to serious injuries and even death. Beyond the business owner’s responsibility to protect the welfare of their employees, litigation over forklift accidents carries enormous expense.

Your workers need their forklift drivers’ licenses and that’s where Forklift comes in! As the country’s #1 resource for OSHA-compliant forklift driver license training, FLC offers three different training programs, each designed to make it easy for your forklift operators to receive OSHA-approved forklift driver license certification. Not sure how to become a licensed forklift operator? Start with FLC today! It’s critical that you understand why forklift driver licenses are necessary and how to get them for your employees.


Operating a forklift isn’t the same as driving a regular car or pickup truck, and your state-issued driver’s license doesn’t authorize you to drive a forklift or other pieces of heavy equipment. Forklifts have completely separate training requirements established by OSHA, because they’re often operated under hazardous conditions requiring special training that covers their own unique set of safety protocols. A forklift driver’s license is earned by successfully completing OSHA-compliant training.

According to OSHA, forklift overturns and collisions are among the most common causes of forklift-related workplace accidents and injuries, but the cause of those accidents is almost always due to operator errors. What that means is that the forklift operator didn’t follow proper safety practices and procedures while driving the lift, which resulted in an unsafe working environment. OSHA-approved forklift driver’s license training has repeatedly been proven to reduce accidents, which is great news for you and your company, since it reduces the chances of an OSHA audit or investigation that could result in severe penalties, hefty fines and possibly even costly litigation!

Business owners simply aren’t willing to risk the lives and well-being of their other employees, suffering damages to expensive equipment and inventory or being exposed to OSHA penalties, fines and possible litigation. That’s why they choose FLC forklift driver’s license training.

OSHA is especially tough on employers that allow untrained and unlicensed employees to operate equipment in their workplaces. 

Let’s look at the fastest, most convenient and most affordable way to get forklift drivers licenses for your workers.

Online Forklift Driver’s License Training Made Easy provides effective, affordable, and easy forklift driver’s license training throughout the United States. Available online, in English and Spanish, our training focuses years of experience with forklifts and heavy equipment into convenient, straightforward education to make your workers safer forklift drivers.

Forklift Employee Training Kit

Our essential forklift driver’s license training covers all different types of forklifts and how to handle them safely and effectively. For a one-time payment of $299, fully train your workers as licensed forklift drivers.

Train a Trainer Program

With this program, your most experienced driver(s) can become a qualified trainer for other workers seeking their forklift driver’s license. For just $149 you’ll have an in-house trainer available to improve your safety procedures.

Bundle and Save Package

Our best value combines both training packages above for just $349 — a $50 savings over purchasing them separately. This is the best forklift driver’s license training available. Bar none.


Our forklift driver’s license training courses cover all the important aspects of how to avoid accidents by operating a forklift safely, which benefits employers by creating a safer, more productive and hazard-free work zone. By purchasing our forklift driver’s license trainer kit, you will have access to operator training for warehouse forklifts, pallet jacks, order pickers and rough terrain forklifts.

Our OSHA-approved certified forklift license training programs are ideal for any company that has gaps in their OSHA operator training requirements. Keep in mind that it’s illegal to knowingly hire or allow an employee to drive a forklift without OSHA-approved operator training and certification.

Comprehensive Certified Forklift License Training

A part of the process to get forklift driver’s license certification is satisfying each aspect of training required by OSHA.

When you choose FLC, you can rest assured that the forklift training your workers receive will meet all OSHA requirements. Our in-house experts are always up to date on the very latest changes to OSHA’s rules and regulations.

Here’s some of what operators need to know to ensure they’re capable of safely operating forklifts:

1. Differences between forklifts and passenger vehicles…

2. Lift operating instructions, warnings and precautions…

3. Lift instruments and controls…

4. Steering and maneuvering…

5. Visibility issues…

6. Vehicle load capacities…

7. Refueling and battery recharging…

8. Load composition, stacking and stability…

9. Operator’s manual and manufacturer’s instructions…

10. Operating on rough or unstable surfaces…

11. Working around pedestrian traffic…

12. Navigating narrow aisles…

13. Driving on ramps and slopes…

14. Working in closed environments…

15. Other potentially dangerous conditions…

After receiving instructions covering these topics, trainees will be eligible to receive their forklift driving license certifications.


It’s easy! Just create an account for your company on the FLC website, then register your operators. Each student has unlimited time to complete their online training. Most are finished within an hour. Then, students take the exam (our pass rate is 100 %!)

Download and print operator certification cardseach student who passes has earned their certified forklift license.

That’s all there is to it! Your newly certified workers can now legally drive forklifts in the workplace. Students will receive their permanent forklift driver’s licenses by mail in 7 to 10 days.


With OSHA-compliant forklift driver’s license training, your workers become more valuable to your operations on the equipment operators job market.

Here are just a few of the many jobs available for equipment operators with their OSHA compliant forklift driver licenses:

Warehouse/distribution center worker

Dockyard lift operator

Construction site employee

Industrial cleanup crew

Distribution center cargo specialist

HVAC system installation and repair specialist and more!


How much does it cost to get a certified forklift license?

Forklift driver’s license costs are always a concern for companies. FLC offers a full selection of affordable forklift operator license courses, starting at $59 with, our sister company. FLC courses start at $149 with our Train a Trainer package. We also have our Training Kit for $399, and our value-added Bundle Package for $499. Not sure how to get a forklift driving license? Start with FLC today!

How do I get my forklift license online?

It’s easy with FLC. We’ll handle all of your forklift driver’s license requirements. From initial training to evaluation and lifetime support, it’s easier than you think! If you’re uncertain how to become a licensed forklift operator, we’ll show you the way!

How long does it take to get certified on a forklift?

Depending on how fast your employees retain the training material, you can qualify for a forklift driver’s license in just an hour. FLC wrote the playbook on how to get a forklift license online – experience the best online-based OSHA compliant training now!

Get Your Workers’ Certified Forklift Licenses Today 

From low forklift driver’s license costs to how to become a licensed forklift operator, FLC has you covered! Get started today for a safer, more productive work force!

We look forward to helping you become OSHA compliant and your employees receive their forklift operators’ licenses! If you have more questions or need assistance, please call us at (888) 278-8896 and one of our OSHA-compliance experts will be happy to assist you!

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