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Forklift License

How to Get Forklift LicenseForklifts are an essential part of every major city and small town alike. They are used for many different jobs on a wide range of worksites. But the one constant variable that’s present with all forklift positions, is the forklift license. A forklift job and forklift license goes hand in hand, and below we explain why and how to get a forklift license.

The bottom line is this: if your employees don’t have the proper forklift license requirements, the U.S Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) can levy severe fines, penalties and legal action. Many companies want to know how to get forklift license credentials for their workers. That’s where Forklift Certification comes in – we’re the #1 resource for OSHA forklift driver license training.


Forklifts are not just like driving a regular car and are not included under a driver’s license. They require their own completely separate OSHA training requirements because they come with their own unique hazards and safety protocols. Forklift overturns and collisions account for the most common causes of forklift-related accidents, according to OSHA, but the root cause of those accidents is often operator error. What that means is that operators did not follow proper procedures or practices when driving the forklift and caused an unsafe environment. From a study of the effectiveness of forklift training, OSHA found that all control groups of operators showed a decrease in error rates and a 61 percent improvement in performance scores after completing forklift license training. That’s just one example of how a forklift operator license and OSHA-approved credentials increase safety. How can you get a forklift driver’s license? Keep reading!

Receiving a forklift license can protect the life of operators on the job and prevent deadly accidents. It’s for this important reason that employers do not hire job applicants without a forklift license. They simply are not willing to risk putting their other employees at risk, nor their worksite containing expensive equipment. Employers also do not want to risk getting hit with costly fines from OSHA, who slams businesses hard that have untrained employees.

Jobs with Forklift License

We’ve already reviewed the many benefits that employers and companies enjoy with forklift operator license from FLC. But what about individual workers? If you’d like to enhance your own career prospects, it’s hard to top up-to-date OSHA forklift driver license certification from FLC. If you want to know how to get forklift license papers and what it can do for your employment outlook, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are just a few jobs available for anyone with an OSHA approved forklift driver license:

  • Warehouse distribution worker
  • Dockyard lift operator
  • Construction site employee
  • Industrial clean-up crew
  • Distribution center cargo specialist
  • And many more


Forklift license training covers all the important aspects of operating a forklift safely and avoiding accidents, benefiting employers with a productive, hazard-free work zone. Students in our program learn how to inspect the equipment and environment, assess various work zones, and prevent injuries and fatalities. By purchasing our forklift license trainer kit, you will get access to the following training’s: Warehouse forklifts, pallet jacks and order pickers, and rough terrain forklifts.


If you’re wondering how to get a forklift license, then you’ve come to the right place! is the number one online provider of forklift license training. We have worked hard to create the most convenient and affordable comprehensive forklift certification license program that is compliant with OSHA. In only about one hour, aspiring operators can complete their training and receive their forklift certification license from any device with an internet connection. Select a forklift training option to get started today! To speak directly with our OSHA forklift operator license specialists, please call FLC at (888) 278-8896.

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