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Should you rent or buy a refurbished forklift?

Rent or Buy Refurbished?

Many employers who are starting out in the construction industry envision themselves buying brand new equipment. Owning your own gear as an employer can be rewarding, but you might think twice about a buy when you take a look at the massive bills that come with buying.

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While leasing or renting might not seem like an incredibly attractive option, it’s often the only option or employers who are just getting started running their own sites. Your forklift certified employees deserve to be in a safe forklift, and you deserve to get the kind of forklift you need for your business at a reasonable cost.

What to look for in a Forklift?

What you’re looking for in a forklift comes down to cost. You don’t have to invest in a new forklift immediately. Trying out different models of forklifts is a smart choice before settling down with any one decision. A new company owner has so much to worry about. Between hiring employees and getting contracts, you probably don’t have time to go out yourself and test every model of forklift out there until you find one that works for you.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you go through a rigorous model checklist for any model of forklift you’re considering. Forklift certified employees require maximum safety, so make a list of the types of things you’d like to see safety-wise in a forklift.

Cost should be next. When you decide to rent a forklift, you can present your safety checklist to the dealer and view different types of forklifts that would work for you. Explain that you’re a new business owner and use the experience you have from previous forklift jobs to determine what will best suit your needs.

The Right Forklift

Some forklift leasing companies are rent to own. Your forklift certified employees could get used to a machine that you might later buy when you find it’s a good value. Remember that safety standards are set by OSHA, so it’s important to ensure that whatever machine you rent – or a refurbished machine you buy – should meet the minimum safety mandates OSHA sets out.

A rental agency should be able to prove that the forklift you’re renting meets these requirements, but it’s always good to check the machine over yourself before it’s driven onto your lot. You should also ensure you keep up a regular maintenance schedule so your forklift rental will hold up to the test of time and meet OSHA requirements.

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