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Where to get forklift certification in PA

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CareerLink: A Pennsylvania Forklift Certification Program

Pennsylvania is a known leader in the United States when it comes to career certification, training, and advancement programs. That’s why it’s so exciting that February brought the CareerLink certification and training program to Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale.

The ever-budding shale industry brings new career opportunities to residents of Pennsylvania counties, sometimes paying up to $20 even for entry level forklift operators. One of the most important aspects of having a shale industry job is learning how to operate a forklift properly and safely with forklift certification PA.

How to Qualify for Forklift Jobs in PA in the Shale Industry

These types of forklift operator jobs in PA always demand new trainers, forkliftoperators and associates who have the drive to learn a new skill – both in a train the trainer and newly forklift trained employee capacity. offers programs for training brand new workers in how to operate a forklift, and for experienced operators in how to train new employees and get them ready to perform their forklift duties as safe and efficient as possible. Both trainings can launch new careers and enable you to qualify for your top forklift jobs in PA.

Last month, Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna County Career and Tech Center began offering a grant-funded employee training program. Residents of Susquehanna and Lackawanna counties are invited to take part in this program. Training will include all OSHA forklift certification instruction needed. Hands-on experience and forklift certification training will take place in the workplace. Consider taking advantage of this training if you want a recession-proof career that can promise financial security, opportunities for advancement, and a diverse number of projects. PA forklift certification is the first step towards landing a rewarding forklift job in Lackawanna, Lancaster, and Harrisburg counties.

Forklift training can also be completed right here at and only in about one hour. This option is best if you want to qualify for forklift jobs in PA, but would rather complete your forklift certification PA from the comfort of your home on any device with an internet connection.

Training is online and self-paced so that you have no reason not to take advantage of our OSHA-compliant training. You can protect yourself and fellow employees from injuries at work, and prevent your employer from being hit hard with expensive fines. You can also take the training with a group of your employees during a work day. Training is affordable, as well, and it doesn’t require you to shell out thousands (or even hundreds!) of dollars to receive the training you need. Forklift certification is imperative because it is required by OSHA and needs to be compliant with its standards. Once you complete your training, you will be compliant with OSHA as capable of operating forklifts, and you will be able to complete all necessary duties, including operating a forklift, efficiently and safely. Not to mention, you may be qualified to handle more tasks and may be eligible to receive a pay increase.

For potential employees, ShaleNet offers the kind of career advice and coaching that can lead to lifelong opportunities in construction, quarry work, and general forklift operation and training.

Quarry Work and Forklift Training

For forklift operators, quarry work can be the entry point to a rewarding lifelong career. However, mistakes can happen on the job at any time, so it’s incredibly important for forklift workers to have the education needed in order to protect themselves. Forklift accidents occur every year on worksites throughout the country, from tip-overs to workers being caught under the forklift to workers being crushed by heavy materials like quarry stone. Additionally, since the majority of forklift accidents are caused by operator error, most employers won’t hire untrained workers and won’t qualify them for the best forklift operator jobs in PA.

An online certification “kit” for forklift operators could help a business get OSHA compliant, and help protect employees in the shale and other Pennsylvania industries from bodily harm or serious injury.

Where to Get PA Forklift Certification

When it comes to online forklift certification training, employers owe it to their employees and their clients to ensure materials are constructed with OSHA compliant labor. If you live in Lackawanna, Lancaster, or Harrisburg county and you want to qualify for forklift jobs in PA, then look no further than for the OSHA-compliant preparation training you need!


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