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Hyundai’s New Forklifts Provide Power, Performance and Plenty of Features

The first things most people associate with Hyundai are automobiles. The South Korean manufacturer has grown significantly from the late 80s and early 90s. Back then, seeing a Hyundai car on the road was pretty rare. Nowadays, they’re everywhere. Is the forklift market the next manufacturing frontier for Hyundai? The

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Why are Forklifts a High Theft Item?

Forklifts are an expensive piece of equipment that are essential to daily tasks in a number of industries– from logistics and warehouses to construction and materials handling. With forklifts costing as much as $110,000, the theft of a forklift can devastate a company, putting a halt to necessary workplace tasks.

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New Line of Toyota Forklifts Offers Many Features

Toyota’s new line of 8-series forklifts have gained plenty of attention for their impressive performance and exceptional value. But these lifts are not just all about power – continuing with Toyota’s strong record of environmentally-friendly vehicles, the –series lifts feature outstanding fuel efficiency and less harmful emissions than other forklifts.

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Warehouse Safety for the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, warehouses start moving large volumes of goods, which raises the risk for warehouse injuries. As loading docks and warehouses become busier, it can be difficult to maintain a safe work environment as employees work at a faster pace, causing simple safety measures to be overlooked.

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Common Sense, Your Most Important Ally with a Forklift

It’s a cliché, but it’s also true…nothing beats common sense, especially as it relates to potentially dangerous jobs. Tree climbers, construction workers, law enforcement personnel and others rely on quick, correct decisions every day on the job. And so do forklift drivers. A forklift driver has to use common sense

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